Proof Of Utah

1. The Wedding Song
2. Mamba
3. Change Of Adress
4. The Queen Of The Universe
5. Straight Up The Cows
6. Nurse That Tooth
7. On A Stick
8. Life Is Like A Shadow
9. Candlelight
10. Monroe Street
11. The fast One
12. Pronto Bill Gets Killed
13. Chickenman's Monday Morning
nml/ST 3 - LP 1988

Proof Of Utah

1. Noah's Aardvark
2. Mountains Of Florida
3. Goomba
4. Juanita Dark/ The Sorrow Of Master Don
5. Blanche
6. Death Of Italien Acrobats
7. Hot Rods To Hell
8. I Love Ice Cream
9. Pronto Bill Gets Born Again
10. South Prospect
11. The Unpronounceable Bad Thing
12. Hang Down
13. Archie And Ed
14. Forks Or Blades
15. The World's Largest Omelett 16. D'Artagnan's Second Thoughts
nml/ST 4 - LP 1989

Proof Of Utah come from Ohio and are actually a pop band, a broadly extended one. The melodic songs form the poppy framework, underlined by the accompanying organ, songs very competertly arranged. Influences from rocckabilly to jazz contribute to a personal style. The band doesn’t have a single style, nor really follow a single style, but rather varies or interweaves existing forms in the manner of Zappa. Through this, irony and charm are brought out to the full. Proof Of Utah is a timeless band, as valuable as ‘The Chrysanthemus’ or ‘Renaldo and The Loaf’. (RecRec Musikführer)

Mike Brosco voice,guitars,bass,keyboards
Louie Simon voice,drums,percussion
Mark Rieke keyboards,saxophone,flute
(nur auf nml/ST 3)
Steve Ward guitar,harmonica,voice,mandolin
Stan George saxophons, clarinet
Ron Wagner bass, guitar