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Download page for music

All music downloadable from this page has been converted to mp3-format. Most operating systems require special programs to play mp3. Many of these programs are freeware or shareware.

You can get such programs among other places at: (search for mp3 according to your operating system) (search for mp3 according to your operating system) (the best known mp3-player for Windows)

The files are compressed to 96kb/s. That means it will usually be best to first save those files to disc and play them later.
(Streaming is only possible, if your connection speed to the internet exceeds 96 kb/s, e.g. ISDN)

Music from the following CDs can be downloaded:

Die Resonanz: Edelbrand (nml 0835)
about the CD
Gato Libre: Nomad (nml 0634)
about the CD
Die Resonanz Stanonczi: Live at Jazzit (nml 0633)
about the CD
The Tiptons: Tsunami (nml 0532)
about the CD
Ne Zhdali: Whatever happens, twist (nml 0530)
about the CD
Dawn: DUSK (nml 9825)
about the CD
David Garland: CONTROL SONGS (rere 95)
about the CD
Ich Schwitze Nie: TRĂ„UME DER SEHNSUCHT (nml 9823)
about the CD
Chris Newman: NEW SONGS.... (rere 185)
about the CD
Ne Zhdali: LIVE RARITIES VOL1 (nml 9722)
about the CD
Various Artists: ODE AN DIE LANGEWEILE (nml 9826)
about the CD
Leonid Soybelman: SURFING IN MY BED (rere 195)
about the CD
David Garland: MY VORTEX CAMERA (rere 96) about the CD
non credo: RELUCTANT HOSTS (nml 8814 cd) about the CD
The Worlds Of Love: THE WORLDS OF LOVE (rere 152 cd) about the CD
With Russia From Love: WITH RUSSIA FROM LOVE (nml 0128) about the CD
Viv Corringham, Peter Cusack: OPERET (rere 121) about the CD
Armchair Traveller: THE PERFECT RECORD FOR THE (rere 175) about the CD
Tatsuya Yoshida: MAGAIBUTSU (rere 163) about the CD
David Garland ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WINDOW (rere 97) about the CD


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