CD one : Pieces
1. David Weinstein The Economist (for P. Fox-Penner) 3:30
2. Guy Klucevsek Glow/Hearth 4:42
3. The 13th Tribe Xtinct 10:57
4. Dawn (Leichtmann/ Strobl/ Huber) Shining 4:16
5. Motor Totemist Guild Jump Cut – Theatrical Trailer 6:33
6. Lytle/ Cartwright/ Moss/ Lindsey Oh, it's... 3:57
7. The Lytle/Dresser/Hemingway Trio Bloodsong 4:48
8. Armchair Traveller Sheepsong 4:12

CD Two: Songs
1. Ich schwitze nie o.T. 2:31
2. Ne Zhdali Znatchok 4:20
3. Francois Ribac/ Eva Schwabe Die Dolomiten, A Simple Song 2:50
4. Peter Cusack & Viv Corringham Deep Midnight 5:24
5. David Garland On the Other Side of the Window 6:17
6. Tatsuya Yoshida Sempremorr remix 6:08
7. Non Credo Latex Heart 3:43
8. Leonid Soybelman Znaki Recthi 2:40
9. Anna Homler/ Frank Schulte lunaria 5:36
10. Michael Gross Die Ballade vom zerrissenen Rock 2:33
11. Chris Newman When I Am With Others 2:33
12. Chris Newman Loose Verse 2:45


nml 0329 2CD 2003

„The compilation “A Classic Guide To No Man’s Land II” resulting from the 20 years of No Man’s Land jubilee subdivides into one CD with “pieces” & one with “songs”, whereby the boundaries are sometimes fluid. With David Garland, Guy Klucevsek, Michael Lytle and Non Credo, 4 musicians/ bands from the first compilation are represented again – but the large number of newcomers show that No Man’s Land subjects music to a continnous renewal. Although the established standards still are valid, all the pieces of the compilation in the present form were up to now unissued , the quality of the contributions is impressive, the compilation bringing together the utmost different pieces into a musically coherent whole. Finally and from the bottom of my heart, it only remains for me to quote the Beatles: “A splendid time is guaranteed for all !” At least for all who can and want to get into music in this way.”
Bernhard Jugel in the liner notes