Non Credo

1. Why ? mp3
2. Tell Me What You Dream
3. Looking In The Windows
4. Ask The Bearded Lady
5. Beguiled
6. Stiff We Walk
7. Hair Of Dog
8. Descent Point
9. Thank You Mommy
10. Dint Of Thrift
11. Tied To The Mast
12. Filare
13. Gumption
14. Death Of A Swan
15. Cleavage And Pearls
16. A Bed For Birds
17. Forks And Spoons
(58:47 min
total playing time)
nml 8814cd - CD 2000

Re-release of the vinyl from 1988 plus 21 minutes bonusmaterial from the same time
1. composition for Jacki Apple's "Swan Lake - A Film Noir For Radio" for the New American Radio
2. Composition from the soundtrack for the film "Out Of The Water" from Mary Kuryla
3. "Filare", released on tape 1988 on Bad Alchemy # 11

Kira Vollman voice,bass guitar,keyboards,clarinet
Joseph Berardi drums,percussion,keyboards,accordion,cello
with reluctant guests:  
Jesse Jacobson guitar & Bowed bass (track 9)
Jerome Faulkner synthesizer (track 9)
Bill Rhea violin (track 5)

A collaboration between KIRA VOLLMAN and JOSEPH BERARDI. Unlike Humdrum, their other collaboration which deals strictly with voice and percussion in a more or less improvisational expression, Non Credo takes advantage of the duo's multi-instrumental abilities and focuses them in a structured song form or instrumental piece. Non Credo uses a variety of layers, textures, and rhythms that blend together for a cohesive, if quirky, mood. The voice is used at times as another instrument in this layering process, or it may come to the forefront delivering lyrics that have a seemingly simple, almost nursery rhyme quality, but which, upon closer inspection, reveal a dark, disturbing twist. The music is the result of an eclectic assortment of influences, from film soundtracks to Saturday morning cartoons, traditional Latin rhythms to Salvation Army brass bands. All material is written, arranged, performed and recorded by Vollman and Berardi in their home studio.