Guy Klucevsek

1. Dining In The Rough In The Buff
2. Mounted On The Fairground's Magic Horses
3. Awakening
4. And Then There Were None
5. Old Woman Who Dances With The Sea
6. The Flying Pipe Organ
7. Scenes From A Mirage
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rere 106 - LP / CD 1992 (1987)

GUY KLUCEVSEK is surely one of the most acclaimed musicians in "new music" - despite the fact that he plays an instrument not normally throught of in "progressive" or "avantgarde" terms: the accordion. He knows how to use both the experimental possibilities of his instrument as well as playing with "conventional" structures, connecting these two aspects in a way that makes his music a truely unique experience - and brought him the attribute "new music's formost accordion virtuoso", among others. "Scenes From A Mirage", recorded partly at the (legendary and now closed) Radio City Music Hall Studio in NYC in 1987, represents two distinct compositional streams which Klucevsek has been pursuing: large-scale works for multiple accordions ("The Flying Pipe Organ") which focus on mass, timbre, density and acoustical phenomena; and shorter accordion solos written in song, dance and theme-and-variation forms ("Dining In The Rough In The Buff","Awekening", ...). The composition "Scenes From A Mirage" seems to Klucevsek a meeting of the two styles, which made it a natural choice for the title track.

Guy Klucevsek accordions

"This is neither fish nor fowl yet it swims and flies. Perhaps this folding sound is a new beast or hybrid and without classification, both bird of paradise and Pandora’s escape."
(Carle VP Groome, EAR Magazine 3/1988)

"It certainly banishes those polka-playing ghosts ! Overall, it’s an inventive and entertaining-as-heck record."