The Worlds Of Love

1. The Whirls Of Love 4'11 mp3
2. Flowers 4'22
3. Paper Cup 2'43
4. Inner Workings 3,56
5. Don't Talk (Put Your Hand On My Shoulder) 3'06
6. Slippers On 2,59
7. One Of Two 4,24
8. Lonely Boy 4,19
9. Lovelight 2'14
10. Transwarped Love 3,56
11. Holding Hands 1,39
12. You Belong To Me 3'01
13. Could It Be You ? 2'40
14. Gesture 1'53
15. Somehow, I'm Sure 5'49
16. Carousel d'Amour 4'16
17. That Strange Taste Of Love 1'48
18. In The Sky & Et Méme 7'11
rere 152 cd 2000 64'38''


Cinnie Cole vocals, banjo, synthesizer
David Garland vocals, synthesizers, accordion, bass guitar, theremin, flute, melodica, penny whistle, toy piano, percussion, vibrolute
Ikue Mori vocals, hand-played drum machine, powerbook, percussion

This CD reissues the 1989 LP, and contains over 20 minutes of new material recorded in 2000.

1989 liner notes:
The Worlds Of Love was formed as a collaborative project, dedicated to performing love songs and improvised pieces that bridge the gap between chaos and romance (is there a gap ?). Together, the Worlds Of Love creates a new kind of romantic music, one in which lovely melodies meet raucous noise, hand-played drum machines meet banjo and synthesizer, fragile sopranos meet blustery baritone, and boy meets girl.
Most of the songs in this album are Worlds Of Love originals, but we were inspired by Jo Stafford to record You Belong To Me, and by Francoise Hardy to record two of her songs, In The Sky and Et Méme, as a medley. Boy/Girl, Boy/Boy, Girl/Girl, Parent/Child, Person/Place, etc. There are many worlds of love, and these are but a few of them.

2000 liner notes:
The Worlds Of Love was dormant after Cinnie moved from New York to San Francisco, but this reissue inspired The Worlds to resume. Ikue and I got together, but Cinnie could join us only as a virtual banjo player. Her spirit and sound had to be part of the World(s).
In his 1981 novel "The Devine Invasion", Philip K. Dick writes of a singer of the future who adapts the 16th Century lute songs of John Dowland, and sings them throughout the galaxy to the accompaniment of a "vibrolute". The song Slippers On adapts phrases by Dick and Dowland (to vibrolute accompaniment), and is a homage to thouse compassionate visionaries.
In 1993 my CD I Guess I Just Wasn't Made For These Times - David Garland performs Brain Wilson was released in Japan (MSI, 10072). That project grew out of The Worlds Of Love, and Cinnie and Ikue contributed a lot to it. Don't Talk was released on that CD with my vocal, but Ikue's beautiful version is included here.
- David Garland

"David Garland has a sonorous voice that demands attention (John Cale springs to mind more than once). He also writes songs on offbeat topics such as ESP and wearing clothes in bed. When they are coupled with instrumentation that includes accordions, theremin, electric zither and psaltery into a quirky and occasionally eerie soundscape, the effect is unique. My Vortex Camera is a charmingly eccentric record that deserves to be a cult classic."
Chris Blackford, Rubberneck