Various Artists

2. L'automne prussien
(Die Buckower Kantate)
3. Der Blumengarten
4. Solidaritätslied mp3
5. Nach einem Sprichwort
6. Ode an die Langeweile
(Goethe und Schubert benutzend)
7. Ardens sed virens
8. Der Pflaumenbaum
9. The five toes
10. Children rhyme
11. Und endlich
12. Über den Selbstmord
13. Von der Freundlichkeit der Welt
14. Mein Sohn, was immer auch aus dir werde
15. Falladah, die du hangest!
16. Die Legende von der Entstehung des Buches Taoteking
17. Oh, endless is the misery

nml 9826 CD 1998 - 49'31

Is Eisler obsolete? In the jubilee year 1998 this question is asked again and again, not with reference to his concert pieces which are in the tradition of the so called e-music of the 20th century, but with reference to his political pieces and fighting songs. Whereas Eisler´s music for concerts represents an interesting continuation of the European compositional tradition and therefore, in the context of a conventional concert programme, still seems to be fresh today. His ´engaged´ music seems to be covered with dust, connected to its time in an unbearable way. One feels to be put back in the time of the ´concrete heads´ and a politically motivated artistic actionism. This impression basically comes up because of the instrumentation (marching bands, worker´s choirs) and the way these political pieces were performed in the East and the West before the end of the cold war, they always seemed didactic, almost demagogic. Without this ´instructions´ there are beautiful melodies and original ideas regarding the musical form as well as the relation between text and music. Eisler´s compositions merged with new musical styles that he couldn´t have known, enable the music to shine, relieved of the burden of ideology, refreshed with a lively disloyalty that does this music justice.

Michael Gross Trompete, Flügelhorn, Gesang, Casio SK1
Margareth Kammerer Gesang, Stimme
Leonid Soybelman Gitarren, Gesang
Hanno Leichtmann Schlagzeug, Syncussion
Nicholas Bussmann Cello, Gesang, singende Säge
Joe Williamson Bässe
Mark Scheibe Ensoniq VFX, Casio SK1, Gesang
Cem Süzer Gesang
Trixa Arnold Gesang, Melodica
Ilja Komarov Bass, Gitarre, Elektronik
Adeline Rosenstein Gesang
Antje Thierbach Oboe
Lotte Thierbach Stimme