Ne Zhdali

1. Rhino I
2. Suslo
3. Pesamunalaul Medley
4. Rhino IV
5. ARE
6. Hey, Driver ! mp3
7. Mirror
8. March As March
9. She-ye-ye
nml 9722 CD 1997 50'14"


Leonid Soybelman guitar, lead vocals
Andrei Kulagin(aka Victor Bitlovsky) casio "rapman", alto euphonium, voice, objects
Vadim Veeremaa trumpet, horns, back vocals
Oleg Davidovitch trombone, guitar, back vocals
Ilja Komarov bass
Vitaly Redchits drums
Avi Nedzvetsky keyboards on 2,3,4,5,9

„Live Rarities" is a selection of pieces picked for their unique „going beyond frontiers" quality, acknowledged retrospectively by the artists as a rare meeting with the „grain", the „it" of performance. Artistic daring and sensation have been favoured over accuracy, quality of recording, balance and other technical factors. The result is a celebration, which invites the listener to join in the elation and exitement together with exposure and, to a degree, embarassment which the performers are demonstrating in this process.

Igniting humour in the powder barred of revolutionary marches, the winds always rowdily ahead, brushed the wrong way against any form of expectation. A lovable collection of good ideas, of sweet craziness every minute, plus a surprize round each corner. Fantastic." ( AlexanderPehlemann, Zonic No. 9)

With over-the-top vocals, highspeed steelhard percussion, lively winds, driving trash guitars and all sorts of confusing electronics they stage a splendid organised chaos in which the joy of living leaps around for all involved, including the listeners." ( My Way No. 42/1997)