Die Resonanz Stanonczi

4.First Step
5.Leila Palma
8.Leben: mp3
9.La Borduna
10. Der Groove der die Seele nährt


nml 0633 CD 2006 - 50'53''

Central-East music would be an appropriate expression to describe this music. Its foundation forms a typical instrument for popular music from Central Europe (Austria), but musically speaking, we are located in Eastern Europe. In this project “The Stanonczi Resonance” the great love for Eastern European music and its possibilities for presentation of emotions combined with other Central European influences is put into work. Steiner Johannes is the “musical drive” behind the project.

One of his major concerns is to integrate the diatonic accordion – a traditional instrument in popular music – into other musical styles to show new possibilities of the instrument. The music is self-composed and –arranged.Variation (immersing, waking up, being surprised), spontaneity and high spirits are shown and expressed in this music. Just like mountain brooks, influences from Eastern European regions flow together into a river that seems to be calm at the beginning, yet with which you never know exactly if it bubbles or boils underneath the surface, or whether it is as it seems to be on the surface. This river combines and processes resonances of different Central and Eastern European influences. Some incite one another and seem really effervescent , full of energy. Others flow into one another and form a soothing symbiosis.


Johannes Steiner diatonic harmonica
Amy Denio saxophone, clarinet, voice
Norbert Asen clarinet, chalumeau
Robert Kainar percussion, drums