David Garland

1. I'm With You mp3
2. Very Popular
3. The Stick Figure
4. I Am an I-Beam Girder
5. My Pony's Falling
6. On Planet X
7. Forest Fractures
8. TV Can Teach Me
9. Clocks
10. Furniture
11. Keep In Touch
12. Don't Shoot
13. Bad Advice
14. Another Mistake
15. Growth
16. Hist'ry
17. Simba (Les Baxter)
rere 95 - CD 1997 (1986) - 72'38"

Singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist DAVID GARLAND writes music and lyrics in an style that is his own but which is part of the American popular song tradition. With a wide variety of accompaniments, from accordions to computers to lamps and chairs, the sound of Garland’s music reflects a contemporary interest in using the full gamut of musikal expression. His lyrics are concerned with some topics usually not assciated with songs (such as the security we derive from our furniture) and with fresh views of standard topics such as love and its pitfalls and pratfalls.

David Garland vocal, accordion, piano, organ, mini-moog, guitar, bass, etc etc

with the participation of: Anne Garland back-up vocals on 1; Mark Abbott bass guitar on 4, bass guitar & vocal on 17; Christian Marclay records & turntables on 4,17; Clive Smith Failight CMI on 4, trumpet on 7, trumpet, kazzoo, vocal on 17; John Zorn alto sax, game calls on 6, alto sax, bird squawks, vocal on 17; Guy Klucevsek accordion on 7,17; Meredith Monk vocals on 12; John Alexander bariton on 13; Nancy Gassner soprano on 13

" This re-release is a welcome one , of an album that contains wonderful music which could be pop music if more people would listen to it." (GZ, Bad Alchemy no. 31)

"Eccentric pop songs from a New York avantgardist. After 11 years, his album is being re-released with 6 bonus tracks. With some old fashioned Fairlight CMI programming and unsettling accordeons, flutes and organs, the music has managed to stay fresh." (Alfred Pranzl, SKUG no. 33)